Saturday 14 June 2014

Keeping Straight and Alert

There's a few labels doing good things at the moment, Straight & Alert is one of them. These two releases have been sat on my blog pile for quite a while now and just as you'd expect from this label, they both totally rip.

Dog Chains - Give/Take EP

First up Germany's Dogchains. This band have a Lockin' Out vibe going on with a nod to the old school too. Really good stuff.

This is the Orange version if the record limited to 288 copies. Whilst I was at it though I also picked up the pre-order version of the record.

Different cover which is always nice and on clear vinyl limited to 208 copies.

Social Damage - Both Demos

In a seperate order around the same time I also picked up this release of Social Damage's two demos pressed on to one 7" record. Fast and furious Judge meets Straight Ahead style stuff is the order of the day here. 

This is the gold vinyl version with an alternative Breakdown rip cover numbered out of 100. 

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