Monday 27 January 2014

Past Our Means

I'd got back on track a bit in December with trying to catch up on my blog posts but the new year has brought the same old problem. More records than I have time to post about. Is that a problem? depends which way you look at it I suppose. That being said here's a quick one.

Ignite - Past Our Means

I picked this up in a second hand record store for a couple of quid. This was literally the only decent record in the entire place, in fact I have no idea what it was even doing there. Nothing special just the boring black version of the E.P but who doesn't pick up a Rev record for a couple of quid when it's right in front of them?

Solid enough record if by no means my favourite Ignite material. Another Rev record crossed off the non existent list too.


  1. I just bought myself the "Call On My Brothers" repress from Ignite.

  2. Call On My Brothers and Past Our Means are the only two Ignite records that I need. Both of them are perfect!