Saturday 11 January 2014

El Diablo

Back in May 2012 I wrote about a couple of Will Haven records I'd picked up here . At the end of the post I said I needed to start my search for El Diablo the bands debut full length on red vinyl. Truth is though that I'd already been looking and it had eluded me.....Until now!!

Will Haven - El Diablo

This did appear one time before on eBay but I somehow missed the end of the auction and it slipped through my fingers, although it did go for more than I'd have wanted to really pay for it. Recently when it appeared again for the first time in forever on UK eBay (trust me I know, it was the first thing I'd search for every day in 2013) I wasn't going to let it go again. I scored it at the opening bid price despite putting in a bid of double so was delighted when the auction ended.

This was released in 1997 by Revelation Records sister label Crisis Records and I can't tell you how much I love this record. It's definitely the bands best output for my money, listen to 'I've Seen My Fate' for any proof needed on how great this record is and how good this band were around this time. I have no idea how many were pressed on red vinyl anyone help me out here with a number? I'd guess between 500 and 1000.

I always found the back cover and inlay picks of the guy in the devil mask really eerie and creepy, especially the hallway one, in fact I have always thought either would have made better covers for the record. I'm delighted to finally have all Will Havens records on colour vinyl and I can cross this baby off my ever expanding wants list.


  1. No idea about the pressing info, but I remember buying this when it came out & really loving it. Went to see them support Deftones at Leeds Met Uni in about 98. Had no idea who the Deftones were at the time, and found out it was sold out. Was pissed off cos I only wanted to see Will Haven. So I went down in the afternoon, asked to speak to someone from Will Haven, and just told him I really wanted to see his band and didn't care about the Deftones. Asked if he could get me in & said I'd give him some money personally. He just put me on the guestlist but didn't want anything for it. I also remember going to Wakefield skatepark and getting the dude to play my Will Haven tape over the sound system. Good album, good times. Shame their subsequent records weren't as good.

  2. Hah I went to that show too. I didn't mind WHVN or Carpe Diem but agreed the debut EP and LP were their best stuff