Monday 13 January 2014

Time Warriors

Back in October I posted about Kadavar and their record Abra Kadavar , they along with this group are my favourites doing the 70's rock Sabbath doom thing at the moment.

Horisont - Time Warriors

I think I first heard Horisont around the time of their second LP 'Second Assault' being released and I loved what the band were doing straight away. For some reason I'm yet to pick that record up on vinyl so this is the first release I've picked up in it's physical form and it doesn't disappoint.

This is another quality release from the band and another quality package from Rise Above. I managed to pick up the Die-Hard Gold Vinyl version of the record Limited to 150 copies. It comes on a great looking gatefold sleeve and a poster and I think the Gold vinyl really goes well with the rest of the record. It looks superb.

The record also came with a Rise Above dog tag which is a nice little extra although I think it was supposed to come with a Horisont tag like the ones Mike is showing off here . I think the Horisont one is cooler than this one (where they supposed to originally be a set I wonder? A Horisont one and a Rise Above one together?) but never mind. It's still a nice little extra.

When I was in the Rise Above store I also added a copy of the excellent and frankly bonkers single Writing On The Wall to my cart when I saw they had copies left. Mainly for the hell of it, but it is a quality song.

Strangely I can't find the pressing info for the Purple version. Clear (Limited to 100 copies) ,Orange (Limited to 100 copies) , Black (Limited to 300 copies). Let's just say Purple is ultra limited and have done with it haha!

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  1. Great record! I love the Rise Above dog tag and and want one of those to go with my Horisont one.