Monday 26 August 2013

Stab Guidance

Two UKHC records right here. The first I've been sat on for a while now and am only just getting round to blog about it after a few of my fellow bloggers have already managed to do so.

Stab - Blindness and Lies

This is Stabs 3rd release I believe and is brought to us by Quality Control a label making a bit of a name for themselves at the moment. The label also brought us the European releases of Violent Reaction and Stab are cut from a similar cloth to them and other bands of that ilk at the moment like The Flex. Stab also do the 80's hardcore salute thing albeit possibly putting a more scuzzy spin on it than the two aforementioned bands.
Really nice packaging on display here this is the red vinyl version of 200 with another 400 being on black.

Next up another UK band that I actually hadn't heard of till Chris over at Unwavering Spirit blogged about. I took a quick listen and quickly purchased Guidance - Age Of Vice

Out on Anger Battery Records, Guidance are another cool band from these isles although a very different animal to the other bands that have been making a stir here recently. Guidance are more early 90's youth crew than 80's hardcore. In places they remind me a little of Inside Out.

This is the pink pressing of 100 with another 200 on black. Chris managed to score a nice record release cover version and I agree with him that the record release covers are actually better than this cover.

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  1. Thanks for the shout out man! I actually have something that I think you might want. I'll email you in a couple of days.