Monday 5 August 2013

Caught In A Bear Trap Again

Last year I picked up a Euro copy of Bear Trap - Nailed Shut, it's a fast, angry, pissed off little record that I enjoyed so when I was looking around eBay the other day and spotted a different version for peanuts I had to strike. Original Post Here

My main reasoning for picking this up (you've gotta justify it to yourself right?) was that the first version I got was just on black vinyl, where as this one is on a grey, although you can also see traces of the other pressing colours of green, red and white. No mention of black which is a bit odd.
Once again this is on a good looking screen printed card. There are four different versions of the cover each being out of 50. My other copy is hand numbered but as you can see this one appears to have been missed.
The actual pressing info for this appears to be:White cover with Black Vinyl /45
White cover with Grey Vinyl /5, Grey cover with Black Vinyl /45, Grey cover with Grey Vinyl /5, Red cover with Red Vinyl /45, Red cover with Grey Vinyl /5, Green cover with Grey Vinyl /41, Green cover with Green Vinyl /9

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  1. That's a funny title you made for this post!