Monday 19 August 2013

Far From The Last Chance And Thats The Bottom Line

Ah yes I'm back with another of those 'random record' posts that I really dislike (mainly because I never have a lot to say). I'm not even gonna apologise anymore just sit back and peep these 7"s. All but one of these where from the same seller on eBay, dude was selling off a pretty great collection actually and I managed to snag these.

Far From Breaking - Made My Choice

A record that came out in 2001 so of course I didn't pick this up on vinyl first time round. I always liked this band though. This is the Yellow vinyl version of 300.

Far From Breaking - The Identity E.P

Far From Breaking's second and as far as I know only other release on Youngblood Records. A good double swoop in picking up another Far From Breaking and another Youngblood release at the same time. This blue vinyl is of 350.
The Last Chance - The Last Chance

I had the bands Dead and Gone release and can now add this Anger Management release to the collection too. This is the European Tour sleeve version numbered 87 of 100. Saw this band a couple of times back in the day and thought they were quality.

Bottom Line - No One's Safe

This is the Limited Pre-Order Cover version of the record numbered 97/100 on Stab and Kill Records.

Break It Up - Demo '04

I've had this sat on the side for so long I can't even remember where I got it. Only previous Break It Up stuff I had was the No Sides album on CD so this is nice. White vinyl version that also has a bit of black marbling in it. Don't know how many of these were made.


  1. that far from breaking 7"es look great all around. matching vinyl colours and nice cover pics.