Wednesday 15 May 2013

Step 2 Willems Rhythm

A few weeks back I posted about Turnstiles new 7" Step 2 Rhythm here. In the post I bemoaned not picking up the green version of the record at the same time I'd picked up the white version. The white version was more limited but I think the green looks better. Luckily Willem heard my whining and left me a comment saying he had a spare if I wanted it. I did want it and after a couple of emails we struck a good deal.

So thanks to Willem here is my copy of Step 2 Rhythm on Green of 1000 copies. In my last post about this record I was kinda getting used to the change of direction but I dunno, it stills seems a disappointment after Pressure To Succeed.
Willem being a top guy also threw in a couple of other records into my package that he had doubles of.

The Bridge Nine repress of Underdogs Self Titled EP.

This is the red first press of 1000. I didn't have this so it was a welcome addition to the collection.

Willem also chucked in a copy of this:

Inherit - The Crushing Wheels Of Samsara. I'd heard of Inherit but don't think I'd ever heard them before. This one caught me by surprise actually. When I first dropped the needle on it I was kinda like ' What the fuck is this?' but by the end of the side I was banging my head along to Long Forgotten Self. I like this.

The layout for this is ace and this appears to be the mail order edition and numbered 68 out of 100

Green Vinyl. Thanks again for the freebies Willem.


  1. Thanks man for the mention and the heads up! I'm happy now too...

  2. Inherit is a UK band that mcs also posted about a while ago!