Wednesday 22 May 2013

Break Away and Randoms

As usual here at Screaming HQ the records have been coming through thick and fast. I'm never a fan of blogging about a load of stuff all at once, but as I've not got a huge amount to say about this little chunk of 7" singles I'm just gonna throw they all up here now.

I've been after this Break Away record since Mario wrote about it on his blog. The cover looked cool as hell and he had good things to say about it. I'd passed over it a couple of times but saw it recently on eBay so swooped for the Clear version of 171.

The same seller also had the bands follow up record The Few That Remain on Solid Bond so I figured I'd pick that up too.
Just plain old black, I haven't looked at how many of this were pressed. Cool to pick up both at the same time though.

Next Nothing Done and the Idiot Stomp E.P.

I remember hearing this years ago and thinking it was pretty good and it stuck in my mind for a long time because of how cool the cover with the skateboards looked. I hadn't thought about it for a while though when I saw it online and picked it up really cheap. My memory wasn't playing tricks this is a good release. Again just on black vinyl. I've since buying this seen a few rarer cover versions like the release show cover and a tour cover and failed to remember to bid on either. Bummer!

Let's move on next to Betrayed - Addiction EP on Bridge Nine. I've been meaning to pick up a vinyl version of this for ages and finally have.

Black first press of 300

How about a little compilation action next? Growing Stronger

Look at the bands on this thing, such a good representation of 1997 Hardcore I'd say

I believe this is the blue second pressing of the compilation


Sinking Ships S/T record from 2008 on Clear Gold vinyl
This has what seems to be a screen printed cover and is limited to 328.
And lastly Integrity - Walpurgisnacht

This is the grey first pressing of 1000

So there you have it some cool pick ups. I'll get back to actually writing some more about the records with my next post but it's late and I wanted to get these out of the way.

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  1. I'm jocking that Sinking Ships 7". I remember playing with them at Death or Glory fest in 2004. They were fuckin tight and all really cool guys, but to this date I have no sinking ships vinyl... I probably need to remedy that!