Saturday 2 March 2013

The Rival Mob

I can't believe the hype surrounding this The Rival Mob record and in particular the Seafoam Green vinyl version. By all accounts this sucker sold out in a couple of hours even though there's 400 of them which is a fair amount really for a most limited press. I'm pretty sure I only scored one because Mario gave me one of his well timed heads ups just before this went on sale. I was pleased to see that most of my fellow bloggers seemed to have scored this version too.

The packaging on this thing is pretty good, mine unfortunately came with a bit of a ding to the corner though as you can see in this picture which was a shame. Guess that's the dangers of international postage. Hopefully you other guys escaped this fate.

The record it's self is a corker and I think even with 9 months to go this is going to appear on a lot of peoples best records of 2013 list in the top spot. No frills, to the point, grimey hardcore, which whilst as clean as the band have sounded is still pretty gritty.  It's mental that before I'd even got this record through that Revelation were already announcing a second press which I dare say will be sold out in no time too.

Nice glossy inner to the record with my favourite combo of pictures of the band on the front and lyrics on the back. Look at Brendan in that picture at the bottom, you just wouldn't fuck about with that guy or you might be on the end of a 'boot party'.

And here is the Seafoam Green it's self.

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