Friday 29 March 2013

Expiring Finds

I didn't do a best of 2012 list, but if I had of done you'd have found Expire and their debut LP Pendulum Swings in the top three, maybe even right at the top of the pile. Expire have been getting better and better through their releases and they have been pretty much on tour non stop for the last few years so they deserve all the plaudits they are now starting to get.

Speaking of touring non stop I picked this up recently and have to say I was stoked with it. A 2011 Euro Tour version of Suffer The Cycle.

I missed this tour of course (and this years) because I'm an old man and seeing shows these days now revolves around work commitment and being able to find a baby sitter, so when I saw it on eBay I knew It might be my only chance to score it. I put in a decent but not ridiculous bid and won it.

The cover it's self is just a paper photo copy and the red ink is marker pen, so it's a pretty DIY release from either the band or label.
This one is numbered 27 of of 100
My proper copy of Suffer The Cycle is on White vinyl so it's sweet that this one is on clear green.
It was a good day for rare Expire vinyl because about 40 minutes later I also scored this Live At Sound and Fury 7"
Limited to 500 this record was given away by Bridge Nine with their 2012 'Mystery Boxes'. I was pretty bummed not to score one of these when the boxes were available to order. I knew Bridge Nine were giving away an exclusive live record but didn't bother ordering a box as I presumed it would be New Found Glory or some other shit I didn't care for. I opted to take advantage of their 5 records for $20 offer or what ever it was they had on instead.
Although not mega limited I'm pleased to have got one of these finally to add to the Expire collection.
The guy I bought this off on eBay was a chap called Richy who also threw into the package a copy of his fanzine 'Pre-Show Burrito'.
This was such a fun little read that I'm including this here too. Along with reviews of where to score the finest pre-mosh Mexican nosh (that rhymed) are some other interesting things including a nice little interview with Losin' It. If you see this at a show I recommend picking one up.

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