Monday 25 March 2013

Catching Up With Terror

In my last post there was talk of featuring new releases...we should just ignore that for a while. Seems when ever I say something like that I do the exact opposite in my next write up. So with that in mind here's two more older records that I picked up recently that are replacements for there CD counterparts I had previously.
I've been pretty slow in picking up Terror records. I love the band but I guess that's kinda the problem, because I know the records so well I'm in no hurry to pick them up, I'm getting there though.

So first up Lowest Of The Low the bands 2003 debut record.

This is the third press of the record on blue of I believe 1000 copies

There's really not that much to say. It's an unspectacular pressing of a great debut LP. It's really annoying that I missed the earlier pressings of some records I really like.

I also picked up the follow up full length. One With The Underdogs

I've never really understood or liked this cover for that matter. It's pretty ugly and I think if they were going for something that embodied the spirit of the 'underdog' they could have come up with something better than this. One With The Hostage's and this might have worked.

Sorry about the glare on these pictures. The shrink is still on and it's caught the light way more than I realised. I got another later pressing here on white of 570 copies.

Lastly a group shot of the Terror full lengths I have on vinyl at the moment. Probably the most interesting thing in this post.

I still need Always The Hard Way and The Damned, The Shamed as you can see.


  1. I kind of dropped off on Terror a long time ago, but I still preordered their new album. The lure of limited vinyl was to strong to resist!

  2. Having to wait till it hits these shores. The shipping price is ridiculous