Sunday 13 October 2013

Split Disorder

I like early Vision Of Disorder a lot. In fact I'm with the band up to and including the second full length 'Imprint'. There doesn't seem to be that much love for them these days which is a shame but I guess that's the product of some frayed label relationships and a seriously bogus shift in musical style in the early 2000's. I really wanted to love their record that came out last year but although it was a return some what to the 'V.O.D sound', I was just kinda nonplussed about it.
Regardless, over the last year or so I've been on the look out for a couple of their earlier 7" releases and I finally found this one on eBay for cheap (I just don't want to spend loads of money on bands like this that I don't listen to anymore).

Vision Of Disorder / Loyal To None - Split Atom

This is a 1994 split release with Loyal To None on Hearsay Records and features an earlier version of my favourite V.O.D song D.T.O (Drop The Oppressor). According to discogs 1000 were pressed on black and black alone.

The sleeve on this screams 90's. I seem to remember a time when most hardcore 7" records looked like this.

The inner sleeve seems to suggest that this is number 380/1000

And for old times sake:


  1. Do you already have the "Still" 7 inch on Striving For Togetherness Records?

  2. Hi Willem. Yes I have Still and Resurrecting Reality but am after both on blue.

  3. I have a dark clear green with swirls, what's your green copy like? From what I picked up, there are different shaded of green...

  4. Ah. Mines black. I didn't even know there was a green. Just thought it was black and blue

  5. I actually only recently know that there is a black, never seen one pictured. If you want to have the green I can reserve it for you... don't need the world for it, if interested ask for price or make an offer! No hurry, as it's listed no where for others to take.