Thursday 31 October 2013

Final Pictures From The Hotel Apocalypse

I must admit, I kinda bought this one on a whim. I like Since By Man but I'd never heard this their final record before. I don't know why actually, I used to have 'We Sing The Body Electric' and 'A Love Hate Relationship' on CD and liked both, I guess I just missed this when it was released and being that the band had split it didn't occur to me to ever listen to it.

Since By Man - Pictures From The Hotel Apocalypse

The reason this caught my eye is because it's the final show version of the record limited to 135 copies and pressed on 140 gram black vinyl. It was going for such a cheap price I figured I'd show it some love and the record would look as good in my collection as anyone else's. The final show press is explained as this - hand-assembled and numbered covers. Half of these were pressing overages, the other half were vinyl from first pressing copies which had their gatefold covers damaged during shipping.
The CD version of this record was released by Revelation Records but I guess in 2005 Rev weren't pressing much on vinyl? as the vinyl release was handled by Init Records. I've got number 75.

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