Tuesday 12 February 2013

Americas Hardcore

Following on from my last post. Here's another record that I had no intention of buying till seeing another blog fiend write about it. Marcus is to blame this time. Honestly, I wonder how many record sales Marcus is responsible for because it wouldn't be the first time I've bought something after reading about it on his blog and I'm sure I'm not alone.

This is the Americas Hardcore Volume 2 Comp from Triple B Records. As I say, I wasn't going to get this but after seeing what Marcus had to say on it and seeing the way the comp had been treated by BBB with it's superb packaging and inlay booklet with every band getting a page like the great comps of old I couldn't help but feel like I wanted it.

This appeared with the Backtrack record in the GoTheDistance distro a couple of days later so it seemed almost written in the stars that I should pick it up and at a good price. Really glad I did now, this thing looks superb and as I've already mentioned I love the booklet that comes with it. All compilations should have something similar, it should be the law.

This is the blue version of the vinyl which although out of 1015 and the most common version actually looks really spot on so I'm all good with that.

This is a really good compilation. I was familiar with most of the bands but there's a few that I wasn't which is always the point of a good compilation to turn you on to new bands you may have overlooked.


  1. This comp rules. The Beware song is so good.

  2. I passed on this, I wonder if I'll end up regretting it?