Monday 18 February 2013

Born Annoying

Do you ever hear a band and feel like you've heard them before even when you haven't? It's usually not a great sign. This is how I felt on giving this latest release from Reaper Records a spin. This is the debut 7" from Born Annoying - Living How You're Not

I actually wasn't going to bother with this release as I knew nothing about them but when I saw it in a UK distro I was making an order from anyway I decided to pick it up.
It's not that Born Annoying are bad, far from it, in fact if I saw them live supporting someone I'd probably be quite into them, it's just that I've heard so many bands do this style that they just sound a bit 'samey' to me, I knew where every song was going before they did it. For the record they sound a bit like Bane and maybe even Black Flag in places. If you like those bands you might love these but it just doesn't have enough of its own personality for me. I doubt I'll be spinning this again anytime soon. I may however check out a future release to see if they develop.

On a plus side I quite like the cover of this record. I think it suits the title of the record really well.


  1. Yes it's definitely Black Flag worship. My initial thoughts when I heard this at first also...

  2. I just picked this up with the terror and turnstile preorders. I think it sounded good from the few songs I heard...

  3. Grabbed a Turnstile pre-order but have had to pass on Terror for now as the shipping is just too much. Will have to wait for it to hit the UK

  4. Unfortunately I missed out on new Terror LP on white and the new Turnstile on black. Someone of you down for a trade or sell a double when it turns up in the mail?