Monday 31 December 2012

New Years Poison

It just occurred to me that as part of my last post I'd completely forgotten about another record I got from CTW as part of the sale 7" order. I also picked up this Poison Planet - Ugly Truths Vol.1 LP.I was just looking at my 7"s and forgot all about it last night.
This is on clear vinyl of 200 pressed and contains the Oblivious and Undermined 7"s and some bonus tracks.

Probably also a good time to thank everybody who has read and reads my blog during it's first year and especially those that have taken the time to comment. I'd also like to give a big personal thanks to all the other great bloggers that have been kind enough to put a link to this blog on their own. I'm sure that has helped with the phenomenal amount of reads I've had this year.
Here's to more records and blogging in 2013...keep screaming!

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  1. This band doesn't get near the amount of recognition I think they deserve.