Saturday 29 December 2012

Mighty Ducks

I bought this record purely because of Mario every time I've bought a punk or OI record recently he's said  'dude, you really need to check out Sydney Ducks'. I think he even put them on a CD he sent me and although I've checked out and liked some of the other bands he raves about like the Beltones I hadn't got round to checking out this band at all. So when I was cruising eBay the other day and saw this for a mere 99p I figured what better way to hear a band for the first time than on vinyl.

This is the bands Espirit De Corps 7" and I picked up the red version of 500. I like this 7" a lot it's really good stuff, the B-side song Joaquin Murrieta is cool too. A good introduction to the band I feel and I'm definitely gonna check out more. Hell I might even get round to seeing what stuff of theirs Mario put on those CD's.

I like the packaging on this thing too and how the band are looking up through the gutter on the front. Nice little touch.

1 comment:

  1. I'm so glad you finally picked this up! Best US Oi! since "Don't tread on me"!!