Sunday 30 December 2012

Carrying The Weight

Here's the latest release from what is easily one of my favourite labels in the UK right now the consistently errrm consistent CTW (Carry The Weight). Survival - Spirit Unchained

This Manchester mobs record arrived about a month ago now after I pre-ordered it as soon as CTW announced it's release. This is the red vinyl version of 75. The other colour ways are 75 on green and 150 on black. These have all sold out now.

Another solid release from CTW. The funny thing though is that I prefer the B-side and the last 3 songs to the A side. The two sides have really different vibes to me, the first 3 tracks have  a D.C hardcore kinda vibe where as the next 3 tracks seem more riffy and have a strong crossover influence . I like the last 3 songs a lot. Have I imagined the different vibe? Tell me!

Whilst I'm at it I've had 3 more CTW releases sitting on my 'to blog' pile for 2 or 3 months so I may as well include them here too. The label had a sale a few months ago and I added these 3 earlier releases to my growing collection of their releases at a very low price.

Said and Done - Weight Of The World. Red and Black splatter vinyl of 200 pressed.

Abandon Ship - Of Time's Turning Wheel. A split with Dire Records 100 on Yellow

The Hard Way - S/T. 250 on Black with a big hole

All good quality hardcore from a good label doing it the right way. Those last three releases can be picked up for £1.99 a piece from the labels Big Cartel . Get on it!


  1. Said and Done are such a solid band. Great record. I'm going to need to check out that Survival record soon!

  2. Said & Done are probably one of the most underrated HC bands. So stoked on their upcoming release.
    Unfortunately I missed the boat on the Survival 7" but got a d/l and that first song totally reminded me of earlier Justice tunes. Good one. Will there be a 2nd press?