Friday 18 May 2012

TUI get it right across your face!

I've always been critical of Trapped Under Ice's merch. I love Trapped Under Ice as a band but some of their merch is just plain ugly. It's something I've joked quite alot about with my fellow blogger acrossyourface however I think this time they've struck gold!
That's right! It's a god damn TUI coaster! It came with a pre-order from Reaper today and man does it rock.

Who doesn't wanna put their steaming hot cuppa on Johnny Depps face? Well done TUI



  1. Thats awesome! The hole in the center is a nice touch ("TUI - Live on a Five" anyone???). Too bad it's not hand numbered :P

  2. pretty jealous, i admit :)
    been following your blog lately. interesting stuff so keep it going! if you ever have problems getting stuff from germany - which is not very likely but anyway - let me know. maybe i can help out.

  3. Hey man thanks for the kind words. I'll bare that in mind if I need anything from Germany. I noticed you were following this blog actually and read your blog yesterday, it's really good too. I'm gonna add a link to you on here when I get a second.