Thursday 17 May 2012


As soon as I mentioned them in my last post I knew I'd be writing about Backtrack next. I don't know why I didn't get to them sooner because they are pretty bad ass. With the exception of the a 2010 release that combines two of these I believe this is everything they have put out.
Up first the latest release, the bands debut full length Darker Half on Reaper Records on the aptly named 'Piss Yellow'. 600 were pressed in this colour, there is a more limited green press (100) and a clear press(400) but I actually liked this colour the most.

I'm not gonna pretend I'm O.G on this shit, this is the release that I first heard from the band and I loved it straight away, it's absolutely quality modern hardcore. It lead me to check out the bands earlier releases.
The Deal With The Devil E.P from 2009, which is also really good. In fact there's not a lot between the two releases. I have the second pressing on Red and White vinyl. I'm not sure of the pressing info in terms of numbers or other colours, I know the first press was long gone by the time I came sniffing though.
Nice how the full length continued the artwork theme.

And this is The '08 Demo from errrrm '08 although again I believe this is the second pressing. Going backwards with a band is always interesting, the two later releases are much better, not that this is bad, it most certainly isn't and had I heard this first I'd have been all over it, it's just not going to get the same amount of spins now as the later two records.
It's great to hear the progression from the demo to the Reaper release like this though.

I bought this from Flatspot Records and I know we in the UK always run this risk when ordering from the States but it seemed to take a super long time to get to me (over a month), which was a bit of a shame really as I wouldn't mind a few other things from Flatspot, like that new 'The Extermination' comp, but that has put me off a little, am I being too fussy? I mean it's not like the record didn't arrive at all right?


  1. I don't have any backtrack merch...I should correct that

  2. What size do you wear? I'm seeing them next week and if they have any sick "tour" shirts or anything I'll grab you one!

  3. I rock a size large (and in charge) shirt my man, it wasn't a hint though, don't go to any extra trouble