Saturday 12 May 2012

Coalesce - Last Call For The Living

Coalesce - What a great band. Much over looked in my eyes, every release from this band is a scorcher.

Anyway, this is the Last Call For The Living 10". It was meant to be the bands farewell of unreleased material, a thank you to the fans if you will when they called it a day in 2000. It isn't their final release because they have since re-grouped and put out the ace 'Ox' album but hey there ya go.
It's a weird one actually as this is the 'off center' press of which I believe there are 110 of this Strawberry pressing, although as there's also a 'Ooze', 'Hex' and 'Buzzsaw' pressing of the same colour and I have no idea what that means it could be more limited.

I think you can make out that it's off center in these pics, it's not just the center though, the whole thing is pressed 'off'.

The off center thing makes this really difficult to play as the record wobbles and moves about on the turntable uncontrollably and just getting the needle to stay on the darn thing is an exercise in patience.

In fairness it does say on the back cover that the 'record is not meant to be a record for 'listening' to as such, but rather for documentary sake'. The band are also the first to 'admit the first 3 demo tracks are horrible' and they really are haha.
It's a nice, fairly rare record to have in the collection though and also a bit of a novelty. Coalesce have always done their own thing and this kinda embodies that.

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