Saturday 24 October 2015

Recent 7" round up

Here's a batch of 7" records I recently picked up from eBay.

Ensign - S/T

It's been a fair old while since I've heard this record and I forgot how good Ensign where, Pale Horse in particular is a banger! 

This is the Blue vinyl version of 429 copies that were released as a second press.

TouchXDown - Reach For The Top

Split release between Malfunction and Youngblood.

Gold vinyl version out of 500 Made.

Enough - Something We Can Build

I have a couple of versions of the Assault Records version of this record released in  2011. Made sense to pick up a Iron Mind Crew Records version too.

This also came out in 2011. Black vinyl, there may have been a colour version I have no idea.

Wide Awake - The End

Wide Awake were an 80's hardcore band and they released a 7" on Schism back in '88. This came out in 1991 and I guess is a collection of unreleased tracks as the band had I believe split up before then.

Black vinyl on Mondo Gillippie Records.

Reach The Sky/With One Intent - Split

Split 'Boston Hardcore' release between these two bands. One side showcasing 'Boston Emo' and the other 'Boston Tuffgys'. I presume that's supposed to say 'Tuffguys'?

Limited cover version, number 196 of 200 made.

Provider - Wasteland

I have the normal release of this record on Life To Live records so jumped at the pre-order version of the record with its Charlie Brown cover.

Number 41 of 75 made.

One Up - The Demo

One Up's The Demo release in this 'Boys Just Want To Have Fun' Posi Numbers Fest 2004 cover.

29 of 75 made. Both the cover and insert sleeve have Bottled Up Records stamps.