Sunday 9 August 2015

Seven sevens

Here's seven 7" records I've picked up over the last few months that were sat on the pile. Usual mixed bag of stuff

Harm Done - Harm Done

I'd been meaning to pick up a copy of French band Harm Done's 7" for ages as they feature members of Raw Justice another Straight & Alert Records band I like. It took so long that I had to wait for the repress to pick one up but I did at least manage to get this Spray Painted cover version out of 40 copies.

Cross Me - Mind Prison / Content

So Cross Me who I really like and are about to make their Bridge Nine debut chucked this out on Flatspot Records a few months ago. I don't know why I pick these Flexis up at all as they are totally useless but hey that's the collectors dilemma I guess. I didn't realise how bad this photo was till after I took it sorry. It came with a big double sided poster / lyric sheet.

Ancient Heads - It Can't Rain Forever

Missed out on a coloured version of this Ancient Heads release on React which was a shame as its really good straight ahead hardcore. The Black version is out of 500 but there's 350 on white and 150 on red. I really like how this record and cover looks.

In My Eyes - Demo

Doesn't really need an introduction this does it. It's In My Eyes, It's the Demo and its on blue.

Social Justice - I Refuse To Lose

I have a new job that involves a lot more driving to see clients and go to meetings and the like. Between meetings during the day I don't always want to listen to Converge or similar heavy stuff when I'm trying to keep my head straight. So recently I've been listening to a lot of Downset. That in turn made me want to check out Social Justice the band Downset became further down the line. This was I believe their only 7" release I Refuse To Lose. This is the European repress that came out a year later and includes an Inside Out cover.

Better Than A Thousand - Self Worth

I think I picked up this Grapes Of Wrath released version of Better Than A Thousands Self Worth whilst I was still rocking the Just One LP repress that came out for RSD.

Good Times / New Reality - At The Beach - In The Woods

Whilst picking up the Harm Done record from Straight & Alert I saw this release from two U.S bands and the description said for fans of Mental, Righteous Jams and Rotting Out. Sounding right up my street I added the Handmade Artwork version of 40 copies to my cart. I didn't realise how hand made it would be though, this is the kind of felt penned picture I'd have probably done at school whilst supposed to be doing maths work or something. Decent stuff though from both bands. It also came with a shed load of inserts. On a blue and black marbled vinyl.

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