Sunday 26 July 2015

First Post Of July

I had every intention of bringing these posts to you on a more regular basis but a promotion at work has eaten in to my time in July, so let's just get some recent LP pick ups out of the way all at once.

Break Away - Face Aggression

Loved the 7" releases this band put out but I was rather slow on the up take of their full length debut. It's good stuff though - aggressive and heavy. Black vinyl of 500.

Rotting Out - Reckoning

Rotting Out's recent EP offering is a glorious looking slab of wax. This photo does it no justice but the blue with black splatter and white half vinyl is a sexy looking thing. The etched B-side is nice too. This might be the first Rotting Out release that doesn't see them sporting their own Merch too - Hazaah!!!

Violent Reaction - Marching On

You couldn't have written it any better for me. Revelations first ever release of a UK band is a band from Leeds and their record is called Marching On (together) come on, it's brilliant!! As is this record! 

Billingsgate - No Apologies

I picked up this slightly beat up copy of Billingsgates No Apologies record from eBay mainly out of curiosity as much as anything. I wonder why this was on Nemesis and not Victory like their first release.

108 - A New Beat From A Dead Heart

The first of two 108 releases I got recently. After listening to the 18.61 release quite a bit I had it in my mind to pick up some more and these both came along cheap without any real effort. This came out in 2007 and is I believe the yellow and gold mix of 400.

108 - Holyname

I also found a copy of the bands '93 debut on Equal Vision. As far as I know there isn't a colour version of this record just black. I always find it funny when I buy a record off eBay and the seller only has one record of this ilk - how does that happen? I'm sure all the other stuff they were selling was barely even rock music much less hardcore or punk and right in the middle sitting there like an ugly step child is this 108 record. Odd. 


  1. Good variety of stuff here. You're right, the 108 is black vinyl only, although there are definitely two pressings - one with white labels, one with black. Nobody has any clue which is which though as far as I am aware.

  2. that rotting out record looks awesome. must have been much work for the guys at the pressing plant. i wonder how there isn't the faintest spot of the black splatter to be seen on the white part. nice platter.

  3. There is one black streak on the White actuall Tino. Still looks ace though

  4. Billingsgate is the best record in this post. Absolute classic!

  5. Awesome haul there! I'm re-starting my blog finally.