Sunday 22 March 2015

Still Down

Just a load of random records ive picked up over the last month or so.

Vision Of Disorder - Still

Truth be told I don't know why I felt the need to buy this record. I mean I know it like the back of my hand and have like three versions of the 7" release. But when I realised this was being released on 12" for the first time for the 20th anniversary I couldn't help myself. Love V.O.D!!

200 copies of this ridiculously described Grey Vinyl with Aqua Blue, Halloween Orange, and Black Splatter.

Rotting Out - The Wrong Way

Loved the bands Street Prowl effort from a couple of years ago but it took me an age to get round to nabbing a copy of this record. Think this is supposed to be 'hot pink' vinyl but it just looks red to me. 800 on this colour anyway.

I see from the back cover the band are still rocking their own merch...these guys just don't give a fuck!

Into Another - Ignaurus

Carry on there's nothing to see here, didn't have this record on wax so picked up the reissue from a while ago.

108 - 18.61

It takes a brave band/label to use the much overlooked bile colour vinyl. They've tried to throw us off the scent if you will by calling it 'Opaque Green' but who are they kidding? 700 pressed

I like this record though, so it's good to have it join the record collection.

Integrity - Those Who Fear Tommorow

My Integrity record collection is pretty poor even in the LP section without even delving into the bands 7" output. I dunno, just another band that I had their releases on previous formats and haven't gotten round to replacing yet.

This dark blue press is of 225 and is from the third pressing of the record.

Praise - Lights Went Out

It took me ages to pick this record up and when I finally did only black remained . Ah well, cracking record though.

Hounds of Hate - S/T

Same could be said for this one. Another record that I just didn't get round to buying for so long. Another great record too, maybe in a year or so I'll get round to getting the release after this one too.

The First Step - What We Know

This is an absolute classic. I think this is a first press on solid blue of 850.

I hadn't listened to this for a good few years till I picked this copy up. Had almost forgotten how good it is.

Know The Score - All Or Nothing

I don't know where I first heard this band or how I came to have a CD version of this record back in like 2007 or so. But I liked it back then and still like it now. All or Nothing compiles all the bands released material. I still know nothing about them.

What's not to like layout wise?? Hardcore - more hot chicks please


  1. good to see you're back. need to get a copy of integrity's 'those who fear tomorrow' myself.

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