Saturday 19 July 2014

90's Hardcore Scores

Only one post so far this month?!? Bare with me folks, I'll be back getting stuff up here more regularly soon. A new job and trying to fit in some much needed social time with friends has left me with little time to blog. My passion for it hasn't dwindled though believe me and as usual the records are still coming in thick and fast. Anyway, you didn't come here to read about me, on to the records.

So a few weeks ago I noticed on eBay a dude was selling off a pretty hefty collection. I think the metal records he had were what I noticed first, but sure enough like most of our metal brothers it soon became clear he had a decent smattering of hardcore records tucked in the collection too.

Madball - Set It Off

I can't tell you how excited I was to see Madballs awesome debut full length sitting there for sale. I've wanted this ever since I started collecting again but it rarely shows up. I wasn't going to let it escape this time and I put in an absurd bid that I knew no one was going to match. Boom it was mine! No fancy coloured wax just a classic record on black vinyl.

Much to my surprise bareing in mind the age of the record I was pleased to find that the record still contained the sticker that's advertised on the front of the record which was also a nice touch.

Madball - Demonstrating My Style

The good times didn't end there, not only was the guy selling Set It Off but he also had a copy of the follow up and equally tricky to find 'Demonstrating My Style'. I'd got the two Madball LP's I didn't have in one foul swoop! 

On further inspection of the records being sold there was a few more I wanted, in the end I nabbed two more.

Black Train Jack - No Reward

Mike over at 'The One Thing That Still Holds True' wrote about Black Train Jack a couple of years ago. At the time I was intrigued because I remembered the name but had honestly never heard the band before. I listened to a couple of tracks online somewhere and made note to pick up a copy of their records if I ever got the chance.

Two years later I had the chance to pick up both records but I took my eye off the ball and missed out on the bands second record 'You're Not Alone' and someone beat me to it. I did grab the debut record 'No Reward' though. I've really enjoyed listening to the record actually, it's good stuff. I can see why at the time the band would have kinda got lost in the mix though. I still want that second record!!

Earth Crisis - Gomorrah's Season Ends

Driven by the price I also figured it would be rude not to pick up an original copy of Earth Crisis 'Gomorrah' Season Ends'. Another good record. I pretty much lost touch with Earth Crisis after 'Breed The Killers' but I do like this early stuff from the band.

In the end a great little score of four.


  1. it's hard to hide my jealousy! those two madball crackers are fantastic. so many great scores here. that earth crisis record is superb, too. love the madball sticker in particular! nice gimmick.

  2. Sweet Madball pick ups dude. I have no Madball LP's. I need to remedy that!!!