Sunday 6 September 2015

An Angry Surprise

I think I mentioned a few posts ago that I've been listening to Downset a lot recently. As usual when you kinda go through a phase with a band again I started looking at their releases to see what I didn't have. I have a few of the 7" output but I didn't have a copy of the Anger 7" -probably my favourite Downset song - so I picked it up.

Downset - Anger

Boy am I glad I did. It's very rare at my advanced stage of life that I find something out or discover something about a band I've listened to for years that I didn't know, but with this release I did. I threw the record on to my turntable just to give it a quick spin really, I've heard Anger a million times so just wanted to make sure it played ok. Then as the second verse hit I had a real 'What the fuck?' Head turn moment. 
Where Rey usually sings - '...and what does that fake know about mutha-fuckin South Central? Fool, what you know about a set or a sign, you fake mutha-fucker...' 
I heard for the first time ever
 '...and what does Rage know about mutha-fuckin South Central? Zack, what you know about a set or a sign, you fake mutha-fucker...'
I had no idea this original version had been changed for the album version of the song. Obviously, there was some beef between the bands (RATM) that they later thought better of. In fact listening back to the album version of the song I realised that it has quite obviously been edited to change these two words but I'd  never noticed before.

So yeah, what was actually just a 'for the sake of it' buy actually turned out to be pretty interesting. This blue vinyl looks nice too with the super 90's cover.

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