Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Soul Search

Here's a band I've been straight doggin' on (American Pickers represent!!!) recently, Soul Search. I'm fairly late to the party I think and I don't really know a ton about this band but what I do know is I like them a lot, they are right where I am with hardcore at the moment. Along with bands like Take Offense and Back Track 
Intolerable Weight is I think their first release and it's released on Thick Skin Records.
 This only arrived today so haven't really had chance to spin more than the first track yet. I was actually pretty surprised to see it show up in the V-Revolution web store, but those guys just keep getting the quality releases in, check em out if you are in the UK.
I love the simple, no nonsense, artwork on the front. It actually looks pretty 'Oi' to me. I'm not sure of pressing details for this one or what other colours if any are available.

This is the Bury The Blame release on BBB that I already had. I just have the black vinyl release but I believe there is a red and a green version also. Only thing letting this release down is the dude on the far lefts choice of footwear...what the hell are those things? haha
Hopefully I'll be able to strike a little sooner for any future releases.


  1. I've never heard this band, but I keep meaning to check 'em out.

  2. I like how you called out old boy on on his shoes, I never even noticed!! Lol