Friday, 4 May 2012

Out Of Vogue

It's very rare these days I'm excited by a new band, but GOD DAMN I like this band!

This is Sweden's, Out Of Vogue. Up first is their debut EP on Clear Vinyl limited to 100 which is the most limited pressing of the record but it's also avaliable on Black (250) and Blue (150) vinyl.

It's fast and furious hardcore, four songs that don't let up from first to last with some nice anthems and chants. It's hard to really say who they sound like as they kinda sound like loads of bands and I mean that in a really good way. I mean they wear their influences proudly on their sleeves. Certainly on 'The Answer' they remind me of a more grizzly CIV/Gorilla Biscuits if that's anything to go by?
Also this record came out on Salad Days Records based in Portugal and David the guy who runs it threw in not only some stickers and a fanzine but also a free 7" by another band too. Now that's the kind of service and label I can get behind and worth a mention.

Second is the bands full length LP which I believe came out at the beginning of this year.
I think this thing is only available on black but I could be wrong, certainly there was only a black option when I ordered it.

The reason I've included this LP too is that it features the four tracks from the EP and five new ones. The five new tracks definitely show progression and builds on the initial tracks making for a hell of a debut album. This is released by Desperate Fight Records and I really can't stop listening to it at the moment.
The Judge and Bad Brains shirts probably give an idea of where these guys are coming from
So yeah, I can't recommend this band enough and if you want to check them out head over to where the LP I believe can be streamed and the EP downloaded for free. I don't think you'll regret it.

'One step towards better days
Keep track on hopeful ways
I found no way out of the haze Someone said were out of vogue
We are out of vogue'


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  2. yeah thought so. Glad you have though man, much appreciated.