Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Get Rad

I admit I'd never heard Milwaukee's Get Rad before I bought this 7", I was buying two other records at Reflections Records when its packaging/sleeve caught my eye and three has always been my magic number when buying records so I added it to my basket.
It's fast and ugly skate punk/hardcore..ya know if the skaters were beardy whisky drinking types looking for raucous fun and fights (at least in my head). I also hear a little Fu Manchu or similar stoner type rock in there although maybe that's just me? Either way its good stuff, really good stuff, with a great sense of humour, I've given it a few spins now and it gets better with each listen. As you can see I've got the black marble vinyl although I think there is 3 or 4 more limited colours, but what's really great about this release is the inlay.
It's set out in the style of a 'Choose Your Own Adventure' (remember those?) and follows the exploits of Cru Jones.
 Will Cru get the girl or meet an untimely and gruesome death? You decide by choosing what page to turn to in order to move the tale along.
It's unique and fun and I'm really glad the band have the songs and sound to back up the packaging that initially caught my eye. I'll be sure to check out more by this band and you can too as they have a blogspot Thunder In My Heart. Although god only knows how they are going to follow this package up.


  1. I definitely have to get this now. I just have to know what happens to Cru!

  2. Hah! by the way man if you get a second send me a quick email (address is in my profile) i reckon i might have something for you.