Friday, 4 May 2012

Black (Colour) Flag

Oh man, where to start? That last post was just a practice really. I didn't know where to kick off so I'm going with these three records, mainly because they were together and close to hand. Black Flag isn't a bad place to start though right?
So it's three different coloured Black Flag 7". Let's start with the oldest and actually the one I like the most. Louie Louie on Red vinyl.

I love this song, always have, reminds me of listening to punk music in my formative years so has a special place in my heart. I specifically wanted this on red and found it after a short time on eBay for a few quid...WIN!! The sleeve is in fairly poor shape as you can see but I really don't mind as I just love the look of this. I believe this is from 1987. Loads of bands have covered this song, is this the definitive version?

Next two newer records. First Six Pack on 'White'.

It's a weird White though more of a washed out Grey, and that sleeve is basically really thin paper and didn't come in that plastic sleeve so is pretty open to tears and rips. Another slab of classic Flag though.

And finally TV Party on Orange.

This one looks really nice and the Orange and Yellow on the vinyl really suit the cover.

So yeah thats my Black Flag 7", there's no point talking about the music as if you're reading this i'm sure you're more than familiar with the songs. I want more Black Flag 7" records though, I've seen Nervous Breakdown on Red and that looks really cool, always seems to go for alot though.


  1. I've been wanting to start a Black Flag colored vinyl collection, but its intimidating since there is so many colors/releases. The only vinyl I have by Black Flag is an original copy of "Everything Went Black" that is so beat to hell its falling apart, Lol

  2. Yeah I know what you mean. I'm just gonna keep my eyes peeled for any others that I come across and see what happens.

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  4. Hmmmm no it doesn't, maybe try Unfollowing the other one? If that doesn't work maybe there's something a miss with this blog? Not sure

  5. do you get the 'dashboard' option at the top? then you can add it to your follow list from there?