Sunday, 6 May 2012

My RSD 2012

Is it too late to post these? I know it's been done by every other blog by now but hey I'm just gonna get them up here anyway.
Soooo Record Store Day 2012, like most people it seems I wasn't that bothered about it. Yeah sure I didn't have any of the Revelation releases that were being issued on vinyl and I wouldn't have minded them, but I already had 'Walk Among Us' on the 180grm that came out a few years ago and I even have 'The Shape Of Punk to Come'. I won't be wasting my time with that I thought, oh no, let those other fools queue up only to find the choice picks have long gone, no me and my wife and daughter are gonna have a nice leisurely day in Nottingham.
Mistake Number 1 - Nottingham has a record store taking part in RSD 2012!!!
So that's what we did, we went to Nottingham to stroll around have some lunch and NOT buy records. Now 'bizarrely' the first shop we went into was a record store, I went in because my wife wanted to and they weren't participating in RSD so I presumed I was safe.
Mistake Number 2 - I buy a record
"Oh look they have the new Cancer Bats album on vinyl" says the wife, now I don't mind the Cancer Bats but I had no intention of buying the record, but hey the little lady likes them and it will keep me in the good books and means we can listen to something later on so I buy it.
Mistake Number 3 - I have a look at the record
So we leave the shop and I take a peek at the record it's self, it isn't black, its on a rather nice grey marble, look here it is:
BOOM!! I'm in..the vinyl junkie in me takes over and before I know it I've ditched the family and I'm heading over to the record store that's taking part in RSD. It's about 10.30am at this point and on reaching the shop my suspicions are confirmed, MASSIVE queue snaking out of the arcade the store is situated in. I'm not queueing, so I turn away and head back to the ever patient wife. A few hours pass and after some lunch I announce I'm gonna go have another look 'just in case the queue has dissapeared', it hasn't, there's still a queue but it's only a few deep, 'i'm going for it' I say, and that's what I did, and here's what I scored:

Ignite - Call On My Brothers on 'purple'. I've always liked this album so I'm pleased to have it on vinyl.

Farside - Rigged. Another record I'm stoked to have on vinyl. This looks really nice on what I'd describe as 'Toffee' coloured vinyl. It's looks dark red in low light but really orange when held up to a window.

Into Another - S/T. Again have had this on CD in the past but it's nice to have on vinyl. It's a really weird but great album.

Integrity - Palm Sunday. They only got in one copy of this and and no one had nabbed it before me, SCORE!! Not seen many other people post about this one but the package is really nice and also comes with an explanation of the record and a big poster.

Right so yeah that was my RSD 2012, worked out quite well really. They still had the Sensefield and Endpoint records at the store I went to and I would have liked to pick them up too, but I figured 5 records were enough for one day.

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