Saturday, 26 May 2012


I got a beauty of an order through from Bridge Nine a few days ago. Now the main thing I ordered I'm not going to write about for a little bit, and I'll explain why when I eventually do (ohhhh the suspense) but one of the other records that came through was this 7" - EXPIRE - Sink With Me.
 I have to admit I added this to my order just to bulk it up a bit and make the postage costs worthwhile, not because I don't like Expire, but mainly because this 7" is basically just a one track sampler of their new album Pendulum Swings. That track is entitled 'Abyss' and it's actually a bit of a barnstormer and has really wet my appetite for that upcoming album. The B Side is a Sick Of It All cover 'The Pain Strikes' from Just Look Around.
I have the half white, half black version but it's also available on clear vinyl. No idea of pressing numbers as Bridge Nine haven't updated it in their discography yet. That back cover is pretty apt with the watch as it's 2AM here, does everyone else blog at a more sensible hour??

I don't seem to be able to feature a record without adding something else I also have by the band. With that in mind....
I have this from Expire too. Suffer The Cycle which came out on Six Feet Under at the beginning of 2011 I think. The four tracks here are really good too, in fact I just had a listen again for the first time in a while and don't know why I haven't listened to this more, although buying too much music (is that possible?) might have something to do with it.
This is the second press of 400 I believe. The first press was all on black and as that white vinyl goes really well with the the rest of the record I'm fine with that.

'I never wanted this
I'm really sorry Miss
I pulled you down with me
into the abyss

Sink with me'


  1. Loving Expire lately, loved their Grim Rythm 7" and always thought Suffer The Cycle was a bit of a let down. Turns out that's an idiotic thing to think, I listened to it again the other day and was blown away.

  2. Well like I said, I don't know why I wasn't as impressed with it originally as I was when I listened again last night. Maybe you have to be in the right mood?

  3. Yeah I got the Suffer the cycle as well, Gave it a couple listens but wasn't really impressed. I'll be seeing them play tomorrow night though so I want to see how they are live before I put this record on again. I'm sure it will change my perception, for better or for worse haha

  4. Man you seem to go to a killer show every night of the week haha