Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Animosity - Altered Beast

Altered Beast, not just the name of an old Sega game, also the name of this Animosity 10". I don't know why I'm starting with this one especially as I don't even like 10" records that much but man this thing just looks insane.
 I don't even know which version this is, is it the 'Cupcake' vinyl or the 'Birthday Cake' vinyl? Maybe neither, I think it's one of the two though because of the insane foil B side. Which I believe makes it limited to either 100 or 150.
Sorry about the photo not being brilliant but man that foil catches the light like nobodys business.

I must admit I was really late to the Animosity party and only got to see them once with Converge a few years back, but I really dug them, which is testament to them as I don't always like bands of this ilk. This here is remixes of 3 tracks off their 'Animal' album, 'Thin Retro God', 'A Profit On Greediness' and 'Mobs Over, Rob Me'. Not the best way to hear the band of course but when a record looks this good who cares.

This was a super cheap eBay find which I'm really pleased to have in my collection just because it's so unusual.


  1. J, congrats on your first post and new blog! I can't wait to see some more of your collection! :) Sweet background too!!