Tuesday, 4 June 2013


This week I managed to get a record off my want list thanks to Tino . I'd looked enviously on at his pre-order cover version of the Turnstile Pressure To Succeed record when he posted about it earlier this year, but it just wasn't turning up in the right places for me. Luckily it was 'blogging crew' to the rescue for me when out of the blue Tino sent me an email saying one had appeared on eBay Germany and seeing as the shipper was only posting to the fatherland he'd help me acquire it.

When Tino asked me how much I wanted to pay for this it couldn't have come at a worse time as I'd already spent enough money on records last month (and I'll blog about them at some point) but luckily for me I was the only bidder so I scored this for a really good price.
Tino dealt with the seller direct and even got him to send it straight to me rather than it having to come to Tino first. Being the good guy that he is Tino wouldn't accept any money for the record until I had it safely in my hands either. Once again the guys who make up this little community really are diamonds to a man!
So this is the record in all it's glory and I'm stoked to finally have it. 217 made on clear vinyl. Which I just realised actually makes the green cover the rarest version. I think I actually prefer this cover to the standard one.

Although that might just be because of how familiar I am with the regular cover. Cue glorious group shot.
I think the only version of this I'm missing now is the test press with the dude wearing the Raiders poncho on the front which I suspect will be near impossible to ever get hold of, but never say never I guess.  I wonder if Mario has a Raiders poncho? Nothing says Gangster like a Raiders poncho.
Thanks again Tino!


  1. Great score & great photo! I don't have a single copy of this 7" but have it on my ipod & it was a gym favourite a few months ago. Would kinda like to get into collecting this but at the same time can't be arsed. Feels like too much to catch up.

  2. i know the dilemma of spending too much money on vinyl already and being confronted with some records you just can't ignore. but with most ebay stuff it's now or never (or better now for a lower price than later for a much higher :)
    glad i could help out.

  3. Damn nice collection bro!!! I almost bought that Turnstile cover with the Raiders poncho but I think it went for over $100 on the bay so I had to back out