Saturday, 15 June 2013

Heavy Fortune

In 2012 I probably listened to Tough Luck's Fifth Column 7" as much as any other record, you can read about that and the awesome Last Anthem Records here

I pre-ordered a copy of their latest release, this time on Solid Bond, as soon as it was announced for pre-order and it seems to have taken months to come through but a week or so ago it finally came.

I picked up the red version of the record although now I'm of course wondering why I didn't pick up the blue version at the same time, especially as I can't find any pressing info so have no idea which is the more limited.

I like the cover and design of this thing though it looks pretty cool. Musically this is more of the same really from Tough Luck and it's good stuff. It does have a different feel to it though I think mainly to the singers vocals changing a bit (these are young guys) and his voice getting deeper and more growly on this release. It does change the bands overall sound quite a bit to me.

This isn't as instant as Fifth Column but I do need to spend more time with it. However, I think the band really need to ramp it up a bit and produce something really good for their next release or full length to step up a level. Don't get me wrong though this is still more than worthy of your time.


  1. Ordered mine days ago and I still haven't got it..... w - t - f !

  2. I presumed you'd already have yours buddy