Monday, 17 June 2013

Greetings From Richmond

If I lived somewhere that actually had proper sun and summers this new 7" from Down To Nothing would probably be my soundtrack to the summer. Life On The James is a catchy banger of a tune that I can imagine singing along to whilst I dive in and out of a swimming pool, as it is I'll just have to imagine singing along to it in a sweaty club.

In fact both new tunes here Life On The James and Dirty South are both good infectious songs. This is the black vinyl version of the record on Revelation. There's a white version and a yellow version of the record too but as the Rev postage costs are a little steep for my tastes I had to make do with what ever the UK distros had . No idea of pressing numbers although I'm sure Marcus will know. I like the silver centres to the record it works well with the black at least.

I picked this up from the ever excellent Go The Distance one of the finest UK based distros out there at the moment.


  1. 520 yellow vinyl
    526 white vinyl
    550 black vinyl

  2. I could have told you that if I'd have seen this post sooner!

    I just took delivery of this myself but haven't listened to it yet. Need to find the time...

  3. Good Life had two colors (white and yellow) available. But I guess you never order there? DTN The Most is an album that got me more active in Hardcore (allthough blogging about records doesn't count as an activity?)...

  4. Man I never thought to check goodlife. I have ordered from them plenty in the past. Thanks for the reminder Willem.

  5. Now that i know there are almost as many black copies as the other two, I guess i'll have to order a black copy now. Vinyl collecting sucks hahaha.