Sunday, 30 June 2013

Embrace The Reason

A couple of records here that I might as well post about together as they are A, both sitting together on the side B, they are both reissues and C, they are of a similar musical styling and would be what you might call emotional hardcore (Emo is such a dirty word these days).

First up this 2009 repress of the self-titled Embrace record from 1986. As I'm sure most know this was a short lived band featuring Ian Mackaye between Minor Threat and Fugazi (least I think that's right).

I bought this one Saturday morning after a particularly heavy night out with a friend of mine. We were staggering around in the morning looking for somewhere to have breakfast and I quickly wandered into a record shop as I had a tenner to burn. I didn't really have time to do any proper looking or hang about so I bought this as it was the first thing that took my fancy. *On a side note to this my mate hadn't bought any records for years and was fairly blown away that you could still pick up coloured Dischord vinyl and it was only £10. I forget sometimes that buying records in 2013 is a alien and mental concept to most.

I hadn't heard the record for quite a while but I always preferred Embrace to Fugazi who, although I know my way around a few of their records, I've never been a huge fan of. Listening to it again it is a really good record.

Second, I finally got round to picking up a copy of the Texas Is The Reason - Do You Know Who You Are? Discography LP

It has to be said Revelation have done a pretty good job of this record, the gatefold sleeve and vinyl look glorious.

I've owned this album in a few different guises over the years since its release and I always thought it was a pretty good record, one thing for definite though listening to it again on vinyl now is Back And To The Left is still by far and away the best song on the record, some of the others are a tad samey in comparison.

I 'think' this is the third press of the record on clear orange vinyl. The first press was on solid orange and the second and third were both on clear orange but I'm sure I've seen a picture of all three versions together and the third press was slightly lighter than the second. This is pretty light so I'm thinking it's the third but it's pure guess work.


  1. Two of my all time favorite bands! Great picks.

  2. That Embrace is awesome indeed! Nice little score...

  3. Embrace still is amazing.