Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Abandon All Life

Well, that didn't take long did it? No sooner had I caught up and finally picked up the first Nails record I pick up the second record too. I just can't blog in order, I was talking to Tino about this very subject only days ago, I've bought loads of records before this one but man I'm loving this band at the moment.

After the raging assault of the first record I actually wondered if Nails might have calmed down a bit this time out, especially with the addition of another guitarist. NO is the answer, not one bit, in fact in some places they seem even more crushing. Crushing is probably the one word needed to describe Nails as they smack the shit out of you in the 14 minutes or so it takes them to blast through this LP.

After being a tad disappointed I'd only scored a black version of the first record, the fact that black was the only pressing of this record means I'm actually fine with it.  I can imagine and understand the disappointment though not to get a cool colour pressing of the record despite the bands intentions on not creating a more sought after and expensive edition. Awesome heavyweight packaging as usual from Southern Lord



  1. I think i'm gonna have to download this now

  2. just listened to two songs, 'wide open wounds' and 'god's cold hands'. boy, they're crushing!