Monday, 8 July 2013


A few weeks ago I was in a Black Sabbath kind of mood, rather than take the normal, sensible option and just listen to one of the Sabbath records I already owned I bought their new effort '13'! I wasn't even that bothered about hearing it, I make some odd decisions sometimes when it comes to records.

This thing is super, super glossy it's a bitch to take a picture of, this really is the best I could do.

It's a gatefold sleeve but I didn't even bother trying to photo the inside it was glare central. The inside gatefold is just an extended version of the cover with the burning 13 anyway. Kinda lame actually.
Standard heavyweight black vinyl, which is to be expected. I have no idea if there are any colour versions, probably not. Love the old school Vertigo centre labels though.
There's been a lot of debate about this record especially the lack of Bill Ward on drums (Brad Wilk from RATM handles the sticks here),which I won't get into, all I'll say is its a decent record and sounds exactly like you'd expect Sabbath with Ozzy to sound.


  1. I actually expected this to suck...or maybe I'd hoped that it would. I've come to despise Ozzy over the past few years. Mostly this has to do with the bullshit that his wife pulls, but I consider him guilty by association. So yeah, maybe a piece of me wanted him to fall on his face with this record. Unbelievably, Rick Rubin manages to get Ozzy sounding great, and not overly processed and auto-tuned like his last few solo records. Iommi and Butler do a great job as expected, but overall, I'm surprised with how much I like this record.

  2. Yeah Mike it's better than I thought it would be and I definitely agree about Ozzy. Agreed also that Rubin really does get the best out of him here, not sure about the production of the music though personally, I would have liked it a little rawer but I guess that was never really gonna happen.