Friday, 5 July 2013

Mind Control

This was one of my most anticipated records of 2013 after discovering Uncle Acid and The Deadbeats last year and the awesome Bloodlust record. After the teaser that was the Poison Apple single my appetite was well and truly whet for the follow up Mind Control, and I actually thought if I was patient and diligent enough I might have a shot at the die hard version of this record. Pah!! As if, this thing had sold out before I'd even clicked my mouse to head over to the Rise Above store, all 400 copies!! And just as soon some had appeared on eBay! Wankers!

So in the end I settled on the solid orange vinyl version as it's slightly more limited than the other regular copies of the record with it being out of 600 and the other colour versions being out of 700 and the black version being out of 1000.

 Rise Above as per usual did a great job on the look/packaging of this record with the gate fold sleeve not only looking great but going along way to support the concept story that weaves it's way through the album.

It's a good follow up to Bloodlust from Uncle Acid. I have to admit I don't, even after a fair few listens which I've enjoyed, like the album as much as Bloodlust as I feel the band have lost some of the sinister sound that I found so appealing about the previous work. That being said I'm sure that's the entire point of this record so in that Uncle Acid have certainly painted the right musical picture to accompany the theme they set out.

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