Monday, 8 July 2013

Speedo-Test Press

Two posts in one day?? Must be the heat!
Back in May in my A Testing Romance post I wrote about the The Catharsis test presses I had scored and how after putting everything together it seemed I was only missing two things to complete the collection of everything that had been released by the band, well I couldn't be having that and neither it seems could Rich from Speedowax Records. So dismayed was Rich by seeing an incomplete collection that he immediately sent me a message saying 'I'll sort out the other records'. And here they are:

First up the The Catharsis / No Control split on green vinyl to add to the black version I already had.

The flip side of this sees the No Control text in green this time rather than red. This green vinyl version is out of 200 copies.
And finally the Piece De Resistance the test press version of the record

The test press is limited to 10 copies and as this has a number 6 on the centre label I'm gonna go ahead and say this is number 6/10

The flip side is again different seeing the No Control text this time appear in Orange

With fear of once again repeating myself a big thanks once again goes to Rich from Speedowax records a great label putting out great releases with a careful eye on treating us record nerds with different variations of each release. And if you are ever in Birmingham UK make sure you check out Ignite records the shop Rich runs that I REALLY need to go back to soon.


  1. my copy of the the catharsis/no control split is on green vinyl too but the no control text is written in purple. what is the mistery behind these varieties?

  2. Dunno Tino. guess there's just alot of different versions?

  3. pressing info is up there most of the purple texts went to no control for their tour with will to die and deathbed thanks

  4. @anonymous: thanks for info!

  5. J, have you ordered the latest release pack from Speedowax, with Super Mutant and Kato in it?

  6. Can't say I have. Although I am going to Ignite Records tommorow so ill see what Rich pushes on to me!