Sunday, 9 June 2013

Flex / Vices

When I got that batch of The Catharsis goodies through from Rich at Speedowax the other day he also threw in a couple of other Speedowax releases. This is the first, a rather fine split between Flex and Vices.

I kept hearing good things about Flex so was meaning to check them out anyway so when this came through it saved me a job. Flex play a fairly traditional style of straight-edge hardcore that from the three tracks on show here I'll be checking out more of.

Vices on the other hand play a more metallic, heavier style, in fact they remind me a little of early V.O.D and their first track on show here 'Rolling Stones' I've pretty much had stuck in my head for the last two weeks. Doesn't help that I keep giving it a spin between other records though. Like that song a lot and like this band too.

Here's a link Rolling Stones

This is number 19 of 20 of the pre-order version of the record. Speedowax have started adding this personal dedication to all their pre-orders I think and personally I think it's a nice touch. White vinyl version of which I believe there is another colour too.


  1. That is a super cool stamp to put on a pre order. I have never seen anything like that, awesome!

  2. I keep trying to order from their Big Cartel but for some reason there are always issues with it. Oh well.

  3. Chris - Speedowax? Have you tried or ? Speedowax stuff is available from both.

    Mario - yes mate, a nice touch from Rich I think.

  4. if you go to the super mutant 7" our other titles are in the drop down menu chris,across your face, get in touch -glad you like the Flex/Vices 7" Jake, thanks for being kind enough to review it- Rich

  5. I think 'review' is a bit strong rich! Haha It's quality though