Saturday, 22 June 2013

Maimed For The Masses

As an unashamed old school wrestling fan (can't stomach anything after about 2003) when I heard Night Birds were releasing a new 7" on Fat Wreck with the title Maimed For The Masses I knew exactly what it was about and the cover art only went further to confirm my suspicions. Shit, Night Birds one of my favourite bands of 2012 releasing a record/song about one of my favourite ever wrestlers, Mick Foley? You know I wanted a piece of that action.

To the untrained eye a cover written in blood surrounded by thumb tacks and barbed wire might seem a bit over the top but when you know the subject matter and that these things are synonymous with Mick Foley and 'hardcore' wrestling (the man literally had his ear ripped off in a match in Germany) it makes perfect sense. I really like the Night Birds bat logo on the inlay too.

The back of the record sleeve and inlay are more traditionally Night Birds I think. The record it's self comes on two different versions, this standard black version and a limited to 70 gram vinyl version also on black. The sticker on the front differentiates the two records with the 70 gram version having a blue and yellow sticker. In fact the sticker is the only part of the sleeve that mentions the band name, I wonder if this was an after thought.
Mick Foley is also an author, so just for shits I took a photo of the record with the books I have by him.


  1. Thanks for the history lesson! Hoping to see these guys play a few shows this year.

  2. Love the book collection! I would have never known the meaning of this record, pretty awesome. I was disappointed this came out on Fat Wreck Chords, and I hate that they didn't release this on color. This would have been PERFECT on limited blood red vinyl!!!

  3. Yeah red vinyl or even red splattered vinyl would have been fairly apt I guess