Sunday, 16 June 2013

I am a Passenger

When I first dropped the needle on this release from Speedowax Records - Passengers, Where We Belong -  I was playing it through a pretty shitty set up and the levels were all wrong, because of this I dismissed this record and moved on. A few days ago though i played it again on my main system and suddenly heard all the nuisances and intricacies of the band. It's pretty good actually.

Passengers are pretty unique sounding, the music it's self has an epic sound scape type feel mixing between discords and sludgier moments but it's the vocals that really set Passengers apart for me. Dudette (they are female fronted) sounds seriously tortured mixing between standard screaming and a high pitched paranoid type whimper. Passengers could almost be a soundtrack to some claustrophobic feeling horror film. Time to check out more from the band I think.

This is the green vinyl pressing of the record but from what I can gather this comes on a load of different colours so I have no idea of the pressing numbers. Rich keeping things interesting as usual with the vinyl colours and different covers.

Another quality release from Speedowax. Everything they put out is always interesting and different no matter what genre they are dealing with.

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