Sunday, 26 May 2013

Back to '08

I love Backtrack as you know but getting hold of their stuff seems tricky. Maybe it's just me but Backtrack just seem to be one band who's stuff just doesn't appear on the Bay much. Shit doesn't appear on peoples lists when they are selling on message boards either and if it does it tends to be the stuff I already have. Because of all that I'm fairly stoked with this one.

I had a copy of this already of course and I've posted it on here, but it was a plain old black copy and I've been wanting a colour copy for quite some time. One appeared on eBay recently so I immediately put in a bid that wasn't particularly high but I figured would be higher than anyone else would be wanting to pay for this. Turns out I was wrong and at least one other person wanted this reasonably badly, we traded highest bids a few times before I snagged it for a higher price than I'd initially wanted to pay but not an outrageous amount by any means. I just couldn't be bothered to wait for another one to appear.
This is the gold first press version of 350 and looks pretty nice. Better than the black anyway. I didn't have to deal with Flatspot Records in buying this either which is a bonus.
I remember seeing this gold version first on Marios blog and after just checking now it seems we both now have the same two versions of this. Wonder if I can beat him to a third version?


  1. Yeah if you had ordered something from Flatspot you could probably have found a copy of every backtrack record ever made (including test presses) on ebay before flatspot sent you anything. Fuck them haha!! When I read this I was wondering which color copy I had of this because I had forgotten. Thanks for linking to my own page to remind me, I feel like i have alzheimer's when it comes to these damn records!

  2. No problem. It's a one time service though, you can check ya own damn records from here on in haha