Wednesday, 8 May 2013

The Catharsis

Recently I bought a 7" record based purely on the description. The record was being co-released by the excellent Speedowax Records. The band was Worn Out.

 The description of the band caught my attention (as did the artwork that looked spoiler-esque) and promised a sound similar to Backtrack and Fire and Ice. 

Well, Worn Out don't really sound like either band at all really and certainly not Fire and Ice. However, the side whistled by on Afterlife and I thought 'yeah their not bad'.

I flipped over to the B side to hear more, but as the second side charged in it was clear something was wrong, this wasn't the same band. No it wasn't that they were better or worse on this side, THIS WASN'T THE SAME BAND! This band had a Converge and Every Time I Die vibe going on. I quickly looked at the label and saw a T/C staring back at me.

What I'd missed when ordering this is that this was a split release. Well sort of, as you can see the other band on this release aren't mentioned at all on the sleeve, it's more like they were thrown on to the B side.
The T/C it turns out stands for The Catharsis from Birmingham and by god they are good!

So good in fact I had to hear more and luckily for me the band were about to release their debut record Romance.

I'd wanted to pick this up on Record Store Day when it was released but as it transpired I actually didn't bother with RSD 2013. When I ventured to Music Exchange in Nottingham a couple of days ago though they as I suspected still had the record.

If I was impressed before then I'm really impressed now as the LP sounds even better. The bands sound has developed and matured and their clear influences refined. Yes you can still hear The Chariot and Norma Jean influences with maybe even a little Will Haven and Earthtone 9 at play too. But the more obvious influences have been moulded into the bands own sound. It's bloody impressive.

I don't often 'review' bands in this way but I felt I wanted to here. Anyway, I believe I managed to pick up the Record Store Day version of the record on green vinyl with the normal version being on clear. At least I think that's right.

On a side note I love the clear poly bags that all Speedowax Records releases have as the inner. Keeps the dust off a treat.
The Catharsis - a surprise and awesome find. 


  1. Good choice sir! I got these as well. I was as surprised as you to find T/C on the other side of the Worn Out 7". I think there are still sleeves for the T/C side to come from Speedowax, as they weren't ready when the records went out. You should check out Will To Die as well. The 7" from Speedowax is brilliant, straight-up hardcore. Sounds quite oldschool but rules.

  2. Yeah I have the Will To Die 7". I wasn't that impressed actually. Although someone else recently told me it was good too so maybe I need to revisit it.

  3. I got it with my first Speedowax order and really enjoyed it, so Rich sent me a test press with my second order. I've bought way too many records from that dude already this year.

  4. thanks, proper slreeves are ready now