Monday, 8 April 2013

Poison Apple

I'm so far behind it's crazy, I've got loads of records through recently and haven't had the time to listen to a lot of them let alone blog about them. The joys of working and being a father I guess. Anyway, that being said I'm gonna begin my attempts at catching up with the new Uncle Acid (my surprise band of 2012) 7" Poison Apple.

Mark over at Couch Slouch has already done a pretty comprehensive write up about this so I'll try not to repeat what he's said too much. I'd been waiting keenly for this to be released but either forgot the date or got distracted or something so by the time I realised it was available for pre-order the limited to 100 clear vinyl had gone, leaving me with a choice of  the 'purple splatter' or the 'white in solid green' versions limited to 200. I can't remember why I went for the white in solid green, I think something seemed more limited about it, maybe it was one per customer like the clear version and the splatter was two per customer? I can't remember.

As you can see, either way it's probably better described as half white-half green but maybe some of them differ? As usual with Rise Above releases even as I was pre-ordering this, the clear versions were 'available' on eBay for stupid money even though the sellers didn't actually physically own a copy yet. It's pretty disgusting really, especially as like Mark pointed out, that it was limited to one per customer so this was pure flipping. Even this version sells on eBay now for around triple what I paid for it. Rise Above stuff really is hot at the moment.

Anyway, enough about that. The music is more of the same really from Uncle Acid and that's exactly how I like it. Both tracks are good and in fact I might even prefer the B-side Under The Spell. It's a great preview for the new album Mind Control, which I thought was out this month but as there is no pre-order yet (which will be fun), I guess not.

The cover for the 7" just says Uncle Acid where as the record labels say Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats which I think a few people have noticed and found odd. I hope that they don't drop the '& the deadbeats' part, i think that really adds to the name and mythos of the band.

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