Thursday, 11 April 2013

Step 2 Rhythm

Turnstiles debut 7" Pressure To Succeed was a ripper of a debut, I absolutely loved it, so when it was announced that a new 7" was on its way I was pretty excited.
It seems a lot of people were excited too as although I seemed to arrive pretty soon after it had been put up for pre-order I missed the rarest version of the record on black (300), at least I think I did, it seemed to be available but wouldn't let me order one so I made do with the white version of 500. Although it's actually more of a gray than white. Transition from the black version maybe? I would have picked up a version on green (1000) too but man those postage rates are a killer at the moment.

Musically this has a really different vibe to Pressure To Succeed and Turnstile seem to have gone a bit 'Take Offence' with the introduction of some clean sung vocals to their sound. It took me by surprise quite a lot at first listen and I wasn't sure I was into it but on further listens I'm ok with it and the singing on Keep It Moving especially is annoyingly catchy. In fact the singing makes Turnstile sound like another band and I just can't think who but it's been annoying me for days.

That "I'm gonna break you down" drop in Canned Heat is pretty cool and got me moving.


  1. Got mines today, just in! Missed out on the most limited color...

  2. My initial reaction after listening to this was "What the fuck is up with those singing parts". Does not fit the band very well, but maybe repeat listens will change my opinion.

  3. Yeah I thought the same Mike. It's grown on me a bit since but it's defo not got the impact of Pressure To Succeed with me at all.

  4. Hello J. I picked up two green copies. If you'd like to have it, get at me...

  5. fucking love this album honestly. think it's really a solid release. jamming it nonstop already hahaha much like i did with PTS :)